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Porsche 928 S “Kristall Gruen Metallic”



  • €0
  • Body Type: Coupe
  • Full Service History
  • 185,028 Km
  • Year Built: 1986
  • Engine Size: 4.7L
  • Trans: Automatic
  • Ext color: Kristall Gruen

Porsche’s intended replacement for the 911 may not have achieved that goal, but it wasn’t for a lack of performance or technological wizardry. An alloy V8 was attached to a rear-mounted gearbox, and the galvanised body had aluminium doors and bonnet, plus body-coloured plastic bumpers – pretty radical for its time. The 928 was launched to a fanfare and surprised many by being named European Car of the Year, an award that traditionally went to worthy but dull family hatchbacks.
Critics immediately recognised the advances the 928 had made over the 911, and the car was universally praised as one of the greatest GT cars of all time. It handled, it was quick, it looked fantastic and it was comfortable. With the 928, Porsche created a serious long distance grand touring car that could also tackle twisting B-roads with ease, thanks to super-direct steering, 50/50 weight distribution and a clever Weissach rear axle that kept the car firmly planted on the road. Many testers found that their nerve ran out long before the 928’s grip.
If the 928 attracted any criticisms it was that it wasn’t quite quick enough. The original 4.4-litre engine generated 240 bhp but, mated to a relatively heavy car, the performance didn’t match the 911. So Porsche introduced the 928 S fitted with a 4.7-litre version of the engine and generating 310 bhp. This began to deliver the car’s potential, achieving a 0-60 mph time of around 7.0 seconds. But the real trump card of this engine, which extra power began to reveal, was its in-gear acceleration around the mid-range – 50-70 mph sprints or indeed any acceleration from 3,000 rpm is in the supercar league.

This particular example was built on the 22th of October 1985 and dispatched to the Porsche Centre Kaiserslautern in Germany (C00). Finished in Kristall Gruen Metallic showing 185,028 km on the odometer, this car has been well looked after and maintained.

The service book shows the following records;
10/06/1986 – Porsche Centre Kaiserslautern – 1,384 km
04/12/1986 – Porsche Centre Kaiserslautern – 10,300 km
22/12/1987 – Porsche Centre Kaiserslautern – 26,000 km
09/06/1988 – Porsche Centre Kaiserslautern – 36,000 km
08/04/1989 – Porsche Centre Kaiserslautern – 59,059 km
05/12/1990 – Porsche Centre Kaiserslautern – 77,027 km
10/01/1992 – Porsche Centre Kaiserslautern – 100,139 km
21/04/1993 – Meinhardt Automobile – 114,000 km
16/06/1994 – Horst Kissel – 135,534 km
28/08/1996 – Porsche Centre Eindhoven – 152,313 km
14/10/1998 – Porsche Centre Eindhoven – 175,801 km
16/09/2015 – Vlasblom Uden Porsche – 184,496 km

A lovely example of a 928S, a true thoroughbred 928 that faithfully encapsulates the pure Porsche driving experience, with a total production of 1911 units.

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