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Ferrari 208 GTS Turbo Intercooler



  • €0
  • Body Type: Convertible
  • Full Service History
  • 41,042 Km
  • Year Built: 1987
  • Trans: Manual
  • Ext color: Red
  • Int color: Black

An unadulterated Italian sports car in the purest sense of the word: this ’87 Ferrari GTS Turbo was made, ‘born and raised’ in the country of the legendary brand. A Ferrari for the connoisseurs, and from the very first owner!
With less than 42,000 kilometers of experience and a production number between ’86 -’89 of only 828 units, this car is not just a rarity, but absolutely unique! A fact that is also reflected by the excellent condition of this magnificent Rosso Corsa GTS Turbo with Nero leather upholstery. A traditional Ferrari combination, and yet one of the best ever. In particular when it decorates a perfectly maintained Prancing Horse like this.

The GTS Turbo was once bought by an Italian family as a gift for the two sons when they would graduate. As the boys were too young to put the car in their names before their graduation, the Ferrari was registered in the name of their mother. It always stayed that way, making the GTS Turbo a true one-owned classic beauty!
The car resided at a place called Mola di Bari (Province of Bari, Southern Italy). The family did everything within their power to keep the Ferrari in the best possible condition. This also involves driving the GTS Turbo occasionally to warm up the engine. As well as regular maintenance: usually, this was carried out by a local garage. In all respects, the former owner dealt with the car with lots of love and care. You can see that already from a distance, but even better when you have a close look…

The GTB/GTS Turbo is related to the Ferrari 308- and 328-series. This particular model descends from the 208 with its compact 2.0 liter V8 engine. To be precise: the 208 GTS Turbo, including removable targa roof and exciting turbocharging technique.
Speaking of which: the biggest difference with its predecessor is hidden under the hood. In addition the turbo technique of the 208 Turbo, the 8-cylinder in the GTS Turbo also has an intercooler. Like its relatives, the car appeared in two flavors: a closed GTB and ‘semi-open’ GTS.
Inspired by the turbo era of Formula 1, the 208 Turbo (’82 -’85) was the first street version of the brand with a turbocharger. Thanks to revolutionary F1 technology, the V8 delivered a maximum output of 220 hp. However, the GTB/GTS Turbo series even surpassed this great amount of horsepower and made it to a highly impressive 254 hp at 6,500 rpm…

From an optical point of view, the GTS Turbo looks like the modernized 328 GTS, with its refurbished nose with a more rounded profile and black front spoiler, as well as a similar spoiler at the rear. Like predecessor 208 Turbo did, the GTB/GTS Turbo series distinguishes itself from its turbo-free brothers by a modified hood and distinctive air intakes in front of the rear wheels – also known as “NACA ducts”.
Nobody can withstand that kind of overwhelming ostentation. Everyone who stands face to face with this beautiful treasure from bella Italia, will be enchanted by its phenomenal shape. A perfect machine like no other! Time to experience it yourself.

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